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June 7, 2018 | By Robin Smith

Are you a person that loves to go to second hand stores or garage sales to find a gem that you can see that needs a little help?  Many people in the Las Vegas Valley, both buyers and sellers, look for refurbished up-cycled furnishings.

Some old furniture is much better made than what you see in large chain stores.  If you like “do it yourself” (DIY) projects you can buy a well worn piece of furniture that you can transform into a unique piece that you will be proud to have in your home or on your patio.

If you really like the look of restored furniture however do not have the time or talent for DIY projects you can find pieces online.  One place to look is “Old to Ooh La La” on Facebook Marketplace.  Victoria Konhorst took her part-time hobby of taking drab pieces into stylish furniture and started this business in February.  Konhorst was skeptical at first using the Marketplace however she has found the process safe and nice.  You can see a person’s buying history and get feedback from other sellers about a client. 

Konhorst stated “I see a trend in buying local.  I think this is going to be a long-term way for some of us out there to make a living.  There’s a weird kind of magic that happens when you take something dirty and old and ugly, and you give it new life.”

Bottom Line – If you want to try a DIY project go to garage sales and find a piece of furniture that is not too complicated to refurbish.  There are several web sites that can walk you through different steps to make your furniture find into a piece that you will love.

Keep in mind that whether you are interested in buying a home or selling a home, a Realtor should represent you– this person is working for your benefit and will help you navigate through the buying or selling process. I have thirteen years in New Home Sales and sixteen years in General Real Estate sales!

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Thanks and make it a terrific day…………Robin