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May 14, 2018 | By Robin Smith

Las Vegas has great weather almost all year round for entertaining outdoors, either sitting at the pool or near the fire pit with your friends and family.  An outdoor kitchen would be a wonderful addition to your backyard.

When deciding where in the yard to have the outdoor kitchen built, look for any utility lines both underground and overhead and keep them in mind.  If you build where there are underground lines, as in most neighborhoods in our valley, you will need to worry about cutting those lines.  If you have overhead electrical lines, be sure to be aware of the proximity of those lines when designing your outdoor kitchen. If you have a shaded area, it makes sense to create that area as the kitchen and consider building around the kitchen area to protect it.

Outdoor kitchen experts advise that when you are choosing appliances for an outdoor kitchen don’t go overboard.  The more appliances there are the less counter space you will have.  It’s a given you need a grill and a refrigerator plus prep and storage space.  You can add an oven, stove top, brick oven, wine cooler and blender, however ask yourself “do I really need this?”

When installing cabinets and countertops use stone, concrete or stainless steel as these surfaces will stand up to the environment.  Lastly, place your outdoor dining area close to the kitchen so you can socialize with your guests while cooking and remember to have fun!

Keep in mind that whether you are interested in buying a home or selling a home, a Realtor should represent you– this person is working for your benefit and will help you navigate through the buying or selling process.  I have thirteen years in New Home Sales and sixteen years in General Real Estate sales!

I am here to answer any questions you might have - just email or call me.

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Thanks and make it a terrific day…………Robin