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May 16, 2018 | By Robin Smith

We all think we know what amenities we would want in a community when we retire.  If you think golf courses and pickleball courts, you are incorrect.  According to a study from John Burns Consulting, younger retirees would like to see more dog parks and gardens.

Amenities that retirees look for change over time. Homebuyers that were born in the 1940s called the Achievers and the 1950s called the Innovators look for different things when looking at neighborhoods to retire to.

The retirees born in the 1950s that were surveyed chose dog parks as the number 1 amenity – 56 percent of this group wanted a dog park and 50 percent of those born in the 1940s listed this as an amenity they were looking for.

Personal organic gardens rose to the number 2 spot in park requests among 1950s Innovators, with 49% requesting an organic personal garden compared to only 40% of Achievers born in the 1940s. 43 percent also requested an organic community garden—3% more than the prior generation.

The percent of the 1950s born Innovators selecting golf cart trails fell to 47 percent a substantial 6%.  The coming generation of retirees appears to love golf a little less than the Achievers where golf courses came in at 53 percent.  Only 22 percent of the Innovators chose pickle ball courts.

This type of survey is important for homebuilders so they can include amenities in new neighborhoods they are developing.  Maybe golf and pickleball ball will be more important to the Innovators 10 years from now than they do today, and perhaps they will be less likely to take care of a dog or a garden.

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